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Jim Parks of HGTV.

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Why a Portable Home Garden?


Happy customer shows off his plants in his Portable Home Garden.

A Portable Home Garden allow gardeners the opportunity to make the most of smaller spaces while maintaining a greater degree of control not available to those who plant in the ground. For instance, if a plant is not getting enough sun, it can be moved. If it is not draining properly, more holes can be added. Watering requirements differ among plants and is easily controlled with our individual, adjustable irrigation system and easily apply nutrients. Planting, harvesting and maintenance are easily accomplished by the plants positioned within easy reach.

A Portable Home Garden offers the opportunity of bringing your garden inside when the weather gets colder or maybe severe threatening weather such as a tornado or hurricane is forecast.

Healthy plants prevent pest, and soil
problems or disease aren't a factor since we don't use soil-type grow media. Rather, our models are designed to use grow media built from recycled coconut husks.

Our gardens use up to 20 times less water than a conventional garden requires making a PHG ideal for water conservation. At the end of the season, even in-experienced gardeners can enjoy a bounty of vegetables thanks to the built-in and optional advantages of a PHG which can include automated micro jet irrigation, nutrient injection and hybrid-hydroponic grow media.

Herbs also make great container plants, as they survive in generally drier conditions. Since most herbs are fast-growing, so it’s quick and easy to plant often.


  • SS 12 or SS 16

  • The SS-12 is perfect for apartments, dorms, or condos that offer limited or no space for a normal in-the-ground garden because of its small footprint. This model can easily fit on a condo or apartment balcony, or on your back porch, or patio where sunlight is available.
    • SS Models